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Jesus Basics Book

Jesus Basics has been used by thousands of people and hundreds of groups as a guide to learn about Jesus and grow in relationship with Him. Each week, many hungry seekers and Jesus followers have gathered and benefitted from these materials. Even those of us who would consider ourselves “mature” Jesus people have been refreshed each time the pages of Jesus Basics were reopened. No matter how many times we have taught one of the topics, it came alive to us in a fresh new way! Early seekers of Jesus became believers, and believers turned into dedicated followers. Many have not just gone through Jesus Basics themselves, but have now led others through it!Because of the value of this tool, we took this opportunity to give it an upgrade. Using the study notes of many of our participants, hosts and facilitators, we worked and reworked each session to simplify the focus of growing in relationship with Jesus and others. Some of the questions and scriptures are similar to our original version, while many have been revised. We also separated the sections to make it simpler to follow, and added many additional resources for participants, hosts, and facilitators.

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